We are increasingly leaning towards social media as a communication channel for building and maintaining relationships. Even more so than the commercial  Philippines Phone Number List applications, which of course also remain relevant. Ethics and the moral compass of organizations play an increasingly important role on social media. The main challenge? Make sure it doesn’t come across as fake or hypocritical.

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I absolutely believe that the approach of many brands is genuinely positive and well-intentioned. They may not be there yet, but they are moving in the right direction. It kinda feels like we’re going back to basics, and that feels good We see it more often in the case of technology. Something arises from an ideological body of thought, as is the case with social media.

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Then there is the hype cycle in which the channel grows and commercializes, but in which regulation and legislation are not yet of such a nature that the channel can develop in a mature and controlled manner. At a certain moment, a phase of increasing maturity begins, which in my view we are now on the eve with social media. In the maturity phase, the basic principles of a technological innovation resurface, but in a more mature form. And that strikes me as an interesting and positive development.

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