For most stores, the best option is to move on-page copy and images manually, adding them into your newly designed Shopify store. One exception might be a blog run on Netherlands WhatsApp Number List WordPress. There is a WordPress to Shopify blog import tool called Excelify that may be Netherlands WhatsApp Number List useful there.[*] Your best option is to look at this as an opportunity to simplify: What Netherlands WhatsApp Number List content is necessary? How big is your blog and how much of it actually does you any good at all? Are there products on your site that just never sell? Using Google Analytics,

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you should see what content is actually drawing attention, and make decisions about cutting the fat. By removing content that doesn’t help, you will decrease the time and Netherlands WhatsApp Number List cost of moving, and improve site performance. Say you have 50,000 monthly visitors, and Netherlands WhatsApp Number List some of your posts or landing pages are bringing in 50 visitors per month. Unless you can prove the majority of those 50 make a purchase each month, you should let those pages die. PRODUCTS Product data Netherlands WhatsApp Number List should be the next thing you move in your migration. It is needed to populate your product and category pages and to serve as a reference point for customer and orde

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r data when the time comes to migrate to Shopify. Product data can be exported from Magento in a CSV format, which creates a spreadsheet. Shopify can import data from Netherlands WhatsApp Number List CSV files. That seems straightforward enough. Screenshot showing a spreadsheet of exported ecommerce product data The problem is they don’t read product data in the same way, so without intervention, the CSV Netherlands WhatsApp Number List Magento produces is useless to Shopify. The architecture for handling products Netherlands WhatsApp Number List and variants doesn’t transfer from one to the other, so the data export from Magento must be extensively reformatted before Shopify can read it. There are apps that can handle this

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