In recent times, the social network giant has multiplied the novelties. Facebook, which has reached the record number of 2 billion users worldwide, continues to deploy new features on its social network. And other new features announced will still punctuate this year 2017. What features can boost your Facebook strategy as a professional? What will change with Facebook’s new News Feed algorithmic update? We take stock in this article.

Facebook recently announced an update to its Newsfeed Ranking Algorithm, meaning the way posts are ranked and filtered will change.

News Feed Algorithm Update: What’s Changing?

You are not without noticing that your Facebook news feed is saturated. The contents are always more numerous, but they are not always relevant. The new algorithm update tends to China WhatsApp Number List penalize this type of content. That publish undesirable content, false information. Clickbait publications , All the New Features That Will Boost Your Facebook Strategy and those that use overly incentivizing methods (request to share, incitement to likes and comments) to boost engagement.Your Facebook strategy could therefore also undergo some adjustments to meet the new algorithm requirements.

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Long videos will be more visible the time of publication

However, this method has a flaw. This criterion does not take into account the total duration of the video. Thus, short videos are to the detriment of longer ones. This is why the update of the algorithm will take into account the total duration . The videos to be able to compare them with each other. From now on, completion rates will be over equivalent durations.

We noticed this novelty in April on the Facebook page of Narcos , the Netflix series. Now cover videos are to all Facebook Pages. Moderation will be much easier than before. If you ban someone who disrupts your Group or does not follow the rules you have established, you can also delete their posts and comments as well as the members they have added.

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