How it has become common in emergencies of natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, floods or large fires, social networks have become one of the main channels of communication between the authorities and the population. Through Twitter, Trump has published messages in which he communicates to the people that the government remains alert to the passage of Harvey and is ready to respond. I encourage everyone in the path of HurricaneHarvey to heed the advice & orders of their local and state officials. Storm turned Hurricane is getting much bigger and more powerful than projected. Federal Government is on-site and ready to respond. Be safe! The brands begin to react. In this type of phenomenon, brands usually show their social trait. Since they undertake actions for the benefit of the affected population.

We Remember How Nissan Activated Discounts After Hurricane

Matthew passed through Florida, while AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon, as well as Microsoft’s Skype, offered free services after the earthquakes in Japan and Ecuador, in 2016. Airbnb qatar email database free activated a help program so that people who have had to be evacuated from. Their homes because of Harvey find temporary shelter. According to the lodging app, to help those affected by the storm, Airbnb will waive service fees for evacuees between August 23 and September 1. It is also working to connect evacuees with landlords who are willing to take in refugees for free. The company implemented a similar program a few days ago for the attack in Barcelona.

The Hurricane Has Captured the Attention of the Business

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The hurricane has captured the attention of the entire world, even outside of it. Yesterday.Astronaut Randolph Bresnik shared images of Harvey’s passage and his approach to the Texas coast on his Twitter account. En este tipo de fenómenos, las marcas suelen mostrar su rasgo social. Pues emprenden acciones en beneficio de la población afectada. Recordamos cómo Nissan activó descuentos luego del paso del huracán Matthew por Florida, mientras que AT&T, T-Mobile y Verizon, así como Skype de Microsoft ofrecieron servicios gratuitos tras los terremotos en Japón y Ecuador, en 2016.

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