Close to 70 million Mexicans use different devices with internet access as a source of entertainment, information and communication. In one year, online video ad spending has grown by 200 percent, a dynamic report showed. Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) play an important role.  Since they increasingly focus their efforts on campaigns of this type, representing 25 percent of the total investment. This situation occurs because more and more companies understand that these ads are more efficient in reaching their target audiences, depending on the metrics and tools used to segment the messages.

In Mexico, There Are 70 Million People Use Different Devices

In Mexico, there are 70 million people who use different devices with Internet access as a source of entertainment. Information and communication; Of these users, 89 percent like to watch videos online, according mlm email addresses to figures from the Internet. Mx Association. Internet, as a source of information and entertainment, watching videos continue to be the favorite activity of Mexicans, but not only on television, there is now a greater preference for Internet and multiplatform platforms.

Which Makes Video The Best Medium To Connect Users President

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Users expect advertising to be brief and personalized.  So artificial intelligence tools offer different tools that help brands contextualize their audiences and personalize their messages,” he stressed. Online video advertising in Mexico is booming, because according to IAB Mexico and PWC Mexico, compared to television or other broadcast media, in 2016 internet advertising accounted for 28 percent of the total advertising investment in the country. Every day, 45 million people have birthdays on the social network and millions of congratulatory messages are issued, so the social network believes that with the ecological trends and in favor of the environment, it will now allow on birthdays, the friends of the celebrated donate money.

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