The Chat Fiction App Hooked Literally The popular chat fiction app Hooked has 40 million monthly active users. Nearly 70% of Hooked readers  Ukraine Phone Number List are under the age of 25. They claim to be the ‘Netflix for Generation Z’. Hooked’s stories are displayed as if you were scrolling through a chat message. So you don’t have to add contacts for this app, the stories are on the platform itself. This way of storytelling.

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organic representation of how people communicate each day,” said Kevin Ferguson, Hooked’s chief business officer. Because you have to tap the screen for the next message, this way of storytelling lends itself, especially to horror and romance. You can easily build up tension with this. These are the most-read genres in this app. Also read: Is the panic about online technology justified? The average Hooked story words.

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These stories are as long as the average article on Frank watching. Not nearly as many words as a novel, of course, but (much) longer than, for example, posts on social media. Curious? Below is a video of the first episode of the Hooked series Dark Matter (Something Behind Y The chat fiction apps Yarn and Tap are also popular. Actually, all three are the same. The main difference is that the Tap app also allows you to write your own chat fiction and share it with your friends.

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