Use an unsubscribe link in the footer and regularly test it’s Switzerland Email Database not broken. Increase sales conversions Resend emails to non-openers after 48 hours. Done those five things? That’s everything you need for sending sales-generating emails to your active subscribers. Now let’s go over how to make Switzerland Email Database sales from your inactive subscribers. STEP #4: EMAIL YOUR INACTIVE Switzerland Email Database SUBSCRIBERS There’s one proven email type we send to inactive subscribers to get them opening, clicking, Switzerland Email Database and buying from our emails again: A winback email. Here’s an example of a winback email we sent for a FAM customer that made over $1,000 in sales:

Internet How To Use a Reverse Email Lookup

Screenshot of a winback email using FAM Switzerland Email Database Subject line: We miss you, here’s a friendly gift Preview text: you don’t want to miss this Segment: 120-day Switzerland Email Database inactive subscribers Sent: 19,228 Opens: 903 (4.7%) Clicks: 250 (1.3%) Orders: 31 Switzerland Email Database (0.1%) Revenue: $1,300.64 STEP #5: TRACK AND MEASURE PERFORMANCE Now it’s time to see how well your Switzerland Email Database email marketing strategy is working. At the end of the day, sales is the only metric that matters. But there are three leading metrics we look at to give FAM customers the best shot at making sales: What emails got the highest open rates? What emails got the

highest click rates? What emails got the high Switzerland Email Database unsubscribes? Here’s an example from one FAM customer: OPEN RATES If no one opens your emails you’re not going to make any sales, so you want to analyze what emails get the most opens: Screenshot of open rates of each email Switzerland Email Database You can download the email performance tracking template we use below. It’s filled Switzerland Email Database with data so you know exactly how to fill it out. Email Performance Tracking Template With this data, you now need Switzerland Email Database to ask yourself: Why are these emails getting the highest open rates? From eyeballing the top subject lines and preview texts I can see:

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