A phase in which the focus is on enjoyment. social phase In addition, the concept of purpose has made its appearance. Every company needs a mission to Cameroon Phone Number List successfully face the future in business. The mission has always been focused on growth and profitability, but nowadays you also need a mission focused on people and society. A social mission.

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Self-actualization phase What you also see a lot now is that people want to create their own brand. We are becoming more and more individualized. The ‘prosumer’ has risen. The focus is on creation. For example, what you saw at Apple a few years ago: people want to be their own DJ. In response, Apple then came up with the iPod. Now it is not the case that we strictly follow these six phases per company.

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and the zeitgeist. The phases overlap and there are huge differences per category, country, and region. Some brands will be faster than others. For brands, phase one, reliability, still remains very important. Also read The strategy for a successful company, even after corona 9 ways to keep reaching the human brain.

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