Experiment with experiments (Toca Lab), make music (Toca Band) or play out all kinds of situations. ; a tea party (Toca Teaparty), to the Vietnam Phone Number List hairdresser (Toca Hairsalon), or a visit to the supermarket (Toca Store). High-quality, colorful, and full of humor. 22. Movies After all that educationally sound content, they should be able to watch.

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KPN and Ziggo announced today that they will open their children’s and film channels for free to all customers for the next four weeks. I couldn’t think of more than 22 in such a short period of time. But surely there are many more! And new ones will be added next week. Do you know beautiful, valuable content for children that is (temporarily) offered for free? Drop it below in the comments. You make a lot of parents.

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Turn yourself into a one-man army, surround yourself with heart emoji, or try out the coolest makeup looks? Can! The augmented reality filter can also be called the biggest hit of Instagram Stories in 2019. Dutchman Chris Polk was the first to develop AR filters for Instagram. How did he go about it and what can he tell us about this hype? Create Instagram filters with the Spark AR Studio.

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