At the 6th International Conference on Representation Learning, Google Research published a research paper. In the latter, we can discover a new algorithm offering a new way of responding to Internet users’ requests. This method allows it to rephrase the user’s question into several others and pass them on to the ranking algorithm. From this, he chooses the answers that seem to him the most appropriate for the Internet user.

What Is This New Algorithm? First of All, This Algorithm

What is this new algorithm? However, if Google were to do so, it: Would provide insight into the algorithm updates that Google is currently making to improve its relevance; Would significantly alter the influence of traditional ranking factors that determine which web pages to rank and how.This research paper presents a new way to reformulate user queries and then present them to the ranking algorithm. Techniques already used at Indonesia Phone Number List Google, however, this approach is different.Indeed, what makes. This algorithm is different and new from what Google can already do is artificial intelligence. Indeed, it is an automatic learning algorithm, or machine learning for the regulars, which uses the reinforcement learning approach.

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To meet its objective of relevance in the eyes of its users,

To meet its objective of relevance in the eyes of its users, Google makes every effort to provide the best answers to the queries of its Internet users. It is from this that Google has created this new algorithm whose operation is relatively simple. As traditionally, the user asks the question to the machine learning algorithm, also called Agent. The latter reformulates the user’s question into several others and gives them to the ranking algorithm. In turn, it sends the results that seem relevant to it and the Agent chooses the one it deems appropriate.

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