Today with Nicolò we talk about young people, Italy and the future. If you want to understand the present I suggest you read thWho is Nicolo Andreula? Nicolò Andreula is an Italian economist and an expert in strategy, marketing and leadership. Former management consultant for Mckinsey. Today he is a small entrepreneur, founder and Managing Director of Disal Consulting, a consulting company specializing in strategy and marketing for large companies, startups and public bodies. In addition, he is a university professor at H-farm, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and the Nanyang Business School of Singapore. In 2019 he wrote, together with Vera Sprothen (Australian journalist and economist).

Flow Generation: a Survival Handbook for Unpredictable

Flow Generation: A Survival Handbook for Unpredictable Lives. The text addresses the great challenges of the present and the consequences of the technological development we are experiencing. A book that, in my opinion, can be defined as the manifesto of Millennials and Generation Z. Hi Nicolò, how was writing Flow Iran WhatsApp Number List Generation? Let’s say this book and I wrote each other. The charge of courage that generated the writing of Flow Generation guided me towards important decisions for my life and my future. The intention of the book is to tell the great changes that we are all experiencing. Many of these challenges can be scary… I know because they scare me too. On the other hand, it makes no sense to ignore problems to be peaceful. Fear, if used well, is an instinct that allows us to act, to take courage and to throw ourselves into it.
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It’s good to get a little freaked out every now and then

It’s good to get a little freaked out every now and then. So is fear of the future good for us? It depends, there is always the risk of being paralyzed. The point of this book is not to frighten, but to ignite the spark of redemption in young Italians. Our country is particularly reluctant to change, this is a book that wants to push young people to get out of this trajectory and experiment with new paths. Our life will likely be more uncertain than the one our parents lived. At the same time, this shouldn’t be an excuse to give up and throw in the towel. If you could talk to eighteen year old Nicolò, what advice would you give him for the future? The first thing I would tell him is not to be too afraid of the judgment of others. At 18, there are many things you don’t do for this reason.

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