International when the world tries to be original at christmas. There are very few who really contribute something new in advertising. However, a small detail can make a campaign or commercial something amazing. The campaign created by betc de paris for canal (the cinema channel) is an example of this. With an excellent image and good performances, the commercial appeals to a subtle and effective humor. Changing the meaning of christmas for something totally mundane. There will be no shortage of those who criticize the brand or the agency. But the idea is good. In fact, talking about christmas and classifying someone who changes orientation as “wise” is undoubtedly reckless, to say the least. But risk is part of creativity.

Irreverente Si Vamos a Lo Profundo Bien Pensado Si Nos Quedamo

Irreverente si vamos a lo profundo; bien pensado, si nos quedamos en lo publicitario. El tema es que las ideas fluyen y tal cual como lo aconsejan los orientales. Hay que dejar que lo hagan. Son sólo ideas y el resultado de ellas nos dará una pauta . De si estábamos bien o no..To be able to start your path towards the objectives. Delegate President Email Lists responsibilities and create a plan that allows you to generate quality content . Monitoring: listen to your users, since you generated . Interaction and communication with them, participate in the argumentation. Provide useful and interesting information, add value to your message.Results:time to collect and collect the information arising from your campaign

President Email Lists

Use the different tools that exist to measure data

Use the different tools that exist to measure data. So you can know if your campaign needs to be rethought or if the path you chose is the right one. Videos of cats on the internet are a topic that remains current regardless of time or country, and that is why the brand of food for animals Friskies de Purina, has decided to carry out an online campaign starring some of the famous felines of the network, such as Grumpy Cat, Colonel MeowWith the first basic steps to understand and master it.

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