Derek Halpern does an amazing job with this, making you Jordan Email List feel as if every time you open an email, you’re reading one from a friend: Starting from the subject line itself. It’s perfectly acceptable (and encouraged!) to use acronyms, emoticons, hashtags, popular phrases, and whatever else your Jordan Email List audience digs to show them you speak the same language (and you’re not a corporate robot). Just don’t Jordan Email List force it or try to be someone you’re not. Your audience will see right through your phoniness and probably Jordan Email List never open your emails again. #KeepIt100 #9: YOUR SUBJECT LINES NEED WORK The best way to find out if your subject lines are

How to Sell Out Your Live Events Even Without an Email List

sabotaging your open rates is by dissecting Jordan Email List and A/B testing them. Retention Science discovered the ideal length for subject lines is somewhere between 6 and10 words; 8 words seems to nab the golden ticket.[*] Take a look at one of your mobile previews. Did you stay within the roughly 33–35 Jordan Email List character limit, or was your subject line cut off? Was your message properly conveyed before it was Jordan Email List shortened? The answers to these questions will clue you into what to test first. Next, look for any words that could trigger Jordan Email List the SPAM filter. We use the Email Subject Line Tester from Send Check It’s to test for spammy words in our emails.[*] You enter your subject line:

Jordan Email List

Then the tool tells you if any spammy words were Jordan Email List found, so you can remove them: When you remove these trigger words, and you’re still bummed by low open rates, take it as a sign to work on your subject lines. Once you have your newly revamped subject lines, you’re ready to A/B test them to Jordan Email List determine which ones resonate with your audience. Although even a catchy Jordan Email List subject line won’t help if you’re sending emails out to the wrong group of people. #10: YOU’RE SENDING YOUR EMAILS TO THE Jordan Email List WRONG PEOPLE Want to boost your open rates by at least 14%? Segment your list. Segmented emails were opened 14.31% more than

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