According to a bamboohr survey of more than 1,000 newly hired americans. 31% of research participants said they left their job within the first 6 months of hiring due to. A lack of clarity about job duties and expectations. Work. A similar study also found that new hires who went Jordan Phone Number through. A structured employee onboarding program were 58% more likely to stay with the organization after three years. These are a few statistics that clearly reflect .The importance of effective onboarding and how it has .A huge impact on new hire retention and productivity.

Here Are the Steps to Follow to Ensure New

Here are the steps to follow to ensure new hires get the best possible start: 1. Contact new hires before their start dateDon’t get caught in the trap of thinking that onboarding can only start when the employee is on your premises. In most cases, new hires are curious to Jordan Phone Number learn more about their new organization and the people they will be working with. So, giving those anxious minds a silent treatment after accepting the job offer is not the ideal decision. Simply explain their day one schedule to them over the phone or email them a brief presentation of your business. Reach out to new hires before the effective date and let them know what they should expect from your company and your people.2. Be ready when they arrive”How was your first day?

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This Is Probably the First Question Your New Hires

This is probably the first question your new hires will hear once they step outside your premises. Now you don’t want them saying “yeah, that was good” or “not that good”. Remember that the first impression is the last impression and you don’t want your new employees to question their decision to work with you. Having their office ready with everything they need (ID card, membership forms, email id, system login, etc.) This would not only Jordan Phone Number make new hires feel welcome, but also put in value the professionalism of your company. How often will I be evaluated on my performance? », « What would be the format of the evaluation? », Are there any challenges or issues I should be aware of? “, And so on. Assigning a buddy or mentor helps the new employee get all their questions answered properly without wasting time.

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