A Magento to Shopify migration can be Brazil WhatsApp Number List the best choice you ever make, or it can turn your business into a dumpster fire. The difference is whether you’re well prepared. For a long time, Magento was THE solution for large ecommerce stores, but that’s not the case anymore. In Brazil WhatsApp Number List the past few years, several big stores have made the switch to Shopify and continued Brazil WhatsApp Number List growing without a hiccup. Gymshark Jones Soda International Military Antiques Beard & Blade How can you make your move to Shopify a massive success? Follow these five steps: 1 Step 1: Decide On Your Goals And Needs Before You Start The Process 2 Step 2:

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Design The Home You Need 3 Step 3: Plan For The Apps And Integrations You Need 4 Step 4: Migrate As A Team 5 Step 5: Launch And Optimize STEP 1: DECIDE ON Brazil WhatsApp Number List YOUR GOALS AND NEEDS BEFORE YOU START THE PROCESS The first step is taking stock of your situation. Some questions need answers so you stay on budget, stick to timelines better, and don’t have to make Brazil WhatsApp Number List last-minute changes. Here they are: WHAT ARE YOUR REASONS FOR MOVING AWAY FROM Brazil WhatsApp Number List MAGENTO? What are your biggest problems with the platform? Long update cycles? Expensive developer times? Do you need or want to do things your site

just won’t let you do? You’ll want to make sure you have what you need with your new site from the beginning. HAVE YOU COLLECTED DATA FROM YOUR Brazil WhatsApp Number List CURRENT SITE? This store is the face you present to the world. It represents your brand online and is the Brazil WhatsApp Number List best asset your business has. If you want to update or change your branding and site Brazil WhatsApp Number List design, now is the time. You’ll want expert help, but you’ll also need to communicate your desires to the experts. This is when you need to collect quantitative and qualitative data from your site before migrating. Quantitative data is about numbers.

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