International The most relevant location-based social network is undoubtedly Foursquare. However, it closed its service in mid-2012 with the sale of the company to Facebook. This last event made Foursquare gain some credibility among its users for not selling to the giants of the category. More social media notesTop 5: Brands that succeed on YouTubeAir France bet on direct marketing5.

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Claims for spectacular content the company based in the city of new york has remained in the hands of its owners and has also avoided, until now, going public to obtain resources. The data that most attracts the attention of the company: it has 160 employees in three offices, new york, san Francisco and London the foursquare community adds  Sri-Lanka Phone Number List 40 million globally more than 4.5 billion check-ins to date 1.5 million of registered businesses the campaign for bliss spa reported an roi of 2,500%foursquare is managed on more than a hundred amazon ec2 servers with Linux cents there are more than 750,000 businesses that offer benefits in Exchange for check-ins to see a unique concert in Antarctica already has winners.

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The thousands and thousands of applicants.Buenos Aires, Argentina.- the regional contest that coca-cola zero organized to promote its twitter accounts, taking Metallica fans to see a unique concert in Antarctica you already have winners. Here they are! These are the two mexicans who are leaving for buenos aires these days and.  From there to Tierra del Fuego to embark for the argentine base Carlini. On the white continent. They will be there for a week, but the finishing touch will be on sunday, December 8, when fans from all over latin America enjoy the Metallica show in Antarctica. One of the winners is fero casanova.

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