If you want to attract and keep quality employees, you need to provide them with a company they enjoy working for. Whether you’re starting out in a small company or running a large company that seems to be living in the 90s, now is the time to establish and improve your company culture so that your employees feel valued and want to continue to work for you. How can you do this? The following five tips should help: Tip 1: Rewards for good workIf someone did a great job on a recent project, don’t pass it up without saying thank you. According to statistics, 79% of employees work harder if they are recognized for their efforts, and 86% are happier at work. As we established earlier.

Happy Employees Are More Productive.for the Record

Happy employees are more productive.For the record, it’s not so much the type of gift you give, whether it’s a bonus or a gift basket; if you do it publicly, you’ll have more motivated staff who are less likely to quit. You will also encourage other team members to do well.Examples of rewards Establish a company culture and stick to it First, you need to define Sweden WhatsApp Number List what your company does, the company values, and where the company is heading. Where do you see your business in five or ten years? Next, take a look at the current status of the business. If you’re new, you probably won’t get many notes here, which means you have a blank slate. Hooray! But if you’re an established company, think about the people who are currently on your team. What type of personality do they have?

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Does It Work? What Would Work Better?

Does it work? What would work better? Consider who you want to hire next. Do you need someone who will stand up in front of a crowd and speak out? Or do you prefer a silent director? Every business needs to have a “people person” – someone who is social and who could bring the rest of the business together. Do you know who yours is? If not, it may be time to assess future candidates on this basis. And when it comes to hiring, make sure you bring in the right people. Consider your own personality, the personality of the members of the company already – and what you want the company to achieve in general. Will the new candidate fit in?ill they help you achieve the goals you have set for yourself?

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