5 technological trends to take care of health in 2014| leads blue 2013. Was a good year for the development of applications related to health and sports. According to a study carried out by. The huffington post, the percentage of people who used them increased by 40% in relation to. The 156 million who they used them in 2012. It is expected that under this scenario in which . More people use technology and apps to take care of their health, there will be . A total increase of 67% for 2017.What are the trends of 2014 in terms of technology to keep track of. Our health status and our sports performance? Here we leave some of the technological devices and applications. That will surely stand out more related articles:apps for health care10 trends. That will mark marketing in 2014athletic careers in marketing.

For Those Just Starting Out in the Sport Vitogo Is Quickly

For those just starting out in the sport vitogo is quickly gaining popularity . As it helps design a training system that is right for your current situation. It helps you plan your rest intervals track your progress, and change your regimen as you progress. Thanks to Panama Email List which the social network represented 17.4 percent of the profits obtained by e-commerce from social media last year. According to figures from critical vision.The above figures not . Only speak of the potential that pinterest has to optimize sales for both large brands and retailers . But also reveal an increasingly visual profile of the consumer.

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Where images are playing a relevant role in the decision

Where images are playing a relevant role in decision making. Online shopping. Of all the categories of apps those related to social networks. Communication and games are the most relevant. Mobile applications have become essential to establish a relationship between consumers and brands. Companies that decide to create their own apps compete with facebook and angry It’s like having free advertising if done correctly. It is advisable to have a list of keywords if you need help identifying those in your field . There are special search tools for that word.

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