More complicated between ar to platforms that do not have as much use. In the case of instagram this is not the case however some brands have limited themselves . The use of photographs without taking advantage of the opportunity. That the platform offers in terms of uploading videos. Added value: a preview . A new product or service is a good way to tell your audience that you are interested. Make them feel valued; show what your product is capable of. Interact with your consumers: it will always be a good strategy to deal with doubts and complaints. Sometimes it is a daunting task but let your followers know that you are there, that you exist.

They Interact…the First Ad on Instagram via Michael Kors

they interact…the first ad on instagram via michael korsthe queen of weldingshow your product with aesthetic quality:take great care of the image of your products, look for a pleasant setting and environment when taking the photo, which goes hand in hand with Email List of School Principals your product, remember that you are trying to sell, so a poorly taken or blurred photo will not be Internet are a topic that remains current regardless of time or country. And that is why the animal feed brand Purina Friskies has decided to carry out an online campaign starring some of the cats famous felines of the network such as Grumpy Cat,

Email List of School Principals

Colonel Meow, Oskar the Blind, Nala and Hamilton

Colonel Meow, Oskar the blind, Nala and Hamilton the Hipster Cat, to donate food to cats that are in shelters and organizations for abandoned animals in the United States.International .  the best advertisement for your items. Share the content on your other networks: every time you take a photo and upload it to the instagram platform, share it on your other social networks, so that your followers know and find out that you created an account where you will exclusively expose photos of the items you sell. Record video: it will always be.

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