This is your chance to get 30 minutes on his calendar.” Belgium Email Lists Follow-Up Email: Screenshot of email from Seann which includes data points and social proof The way Seann frames this email and describes Kevin’s expertise makes it feel like an opportunity the prospect cannot afford to ignore. Pro tip: Belgium Email Lists A study by MIT found that keeping messages short will improve response times. The findings noted: Belgium Email Lists “Email users who send short focused messages receive demonstrably faster responses than users Belgium Email Lists who send long rambling messages.” [*] 3. INCLUDE A CALL TO ACTION A call to action (CTA) is a prompt that tells your recipient what they


should do next. Essentially, it’s the step you Belgium Email Lists NEED the recipient to take to achieve the goal you set in Step 1. For example, in the below email Seann includes a CTA to book a website review with someone on the Sumo team: Follow-Up Email: Screenshot of email from Seann which includes a Belgium Email Lists CTA to book a website review with someone from the Sumo team 4. WRITE A RELEVANT SUB Belgium Email Lists JECT LINE Subject lines are the most important part of any email. Without a captivating, clickable subject line, Belgium Email Lists the rest of your email won’t get read. When you’re writing an initial email to follow up after an interview, meeting or event, you need a great subject

Belgium Email Lists

line. You could try to use urgency to boost opens: Do Belgium Email Lists you have time to chat this week? Don’t miss out Ask a question: Could you be generating more leads? How can I help? Or go descriptive: [Name] from [Company]: 3 Tips to help [solve a problem] We’ve helped brands like [well-known company in Belgium Email Lists recipient’s niche] with [problem] Want more? Check out 87 of the best email subject lines in Belgium Email Lists this post. If you’re following up on a previously sent email, the best approach is to reply to the initial email. FOLLOW-UP Belgium Email Lists EMAIL TEMPLATES As you can tell, I’m a huge believer in the power of a quality follow-up email to help you achieve your goals.

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