In today’s era of remote work and fragmented teams, understanding how to communicate effectively and 4 Tips to Help You Improve Your Team’s Digital Communication efficiently is integral to a team’s success. Suddenly, communication requires a new level of focus – a higher level of intentionality. You need new collaborative skills.

What Is Missing From Our Text Messages Emails

What is missing from our text messages, emails, conference calls and other digital communications? These misinterpretations create anxiety that can become costly, affecting morale, engagement, productivity and innovation. South Korea WhatsApp Number List Remote communication often distorts the traditional or “Normal” rhythm of conversations. There is a delay between messages, allowing people to postpone, hide or alter emotional reactions. Wondering how someone will receive a particular statement. You plan to use an exclamation mark or a period. Is an emoji appropriate or not? Should you explain more or keep it brief?

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Is the Email Correct or Do You Pick Up the Phone?

As daneil newman writes for, “feedback loops are simple to understand: you produce something. Measure the information about the production. And use that information to improve the production. It’s all about a constant cycle of monitoring and improvement.  4 Tips to Help You Improve Your Team’s Digital Communication We can all agree that meetings are the worst. They are rarely productive, tend to work longer than expected, eat into schedules and disrupt the flow of the day. Yet there are times when meetings are necessary. And when it comes to virtual meetings, you need to optimize them to be as productive as possible.

A good virtual meeting starts on time, has a clear stopping point. And focuses on a clear set of rules. All attendees should be asked to test their technology before the meeting begins. If you’re using a platform like zoom.The meeting should be saved so it can be referenced later.

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