At this time of the year it is a good time to review the advertising plans of the companies. That will last throughout the year. A good organization ensures better productivity and therefore greater results. Here are some tips to take into account in your new advertising agenda for 2014. More related articles: investment without strategy. Marketing risks in 2014 8 tips for successful digital promotion offers made by mexican consumers1. Schedule your times by dividing the year into quarters. This is the most important point, as it helps organize new product launches. And will allow you to keep in mind the festivities that will help you boost your brand. The first quarter is between january and marc. A good time to review trend forecasts and take advantage of your consumers.

New Year’s Resolutions. The Second Quarter Is Between

New year’s resolutions. The second quarter is between april and jun. A great time to launch products because there are no festivities to overshadow. It is an excellent time for brands that Netherlands Email List have products for children or for the summer. The third quarter is between july and september.A time to take advantage of the fact that some companies lower their guard in advertising on these dates. Orient it to leisure and entertainment so that it matches the time of year that the consumer lives at the moment. The last quarter is between october and december it is time to review what the brand of food for animals Friskies de Purina, has decided to carry out an online campaign starring some of.

Netherlands Email List

The Famous Felines of the Network Such as Grumpy

The famous felines of the network, such as Grumpy Cat, Colonel MeowWith the first basic steps to understand and master it. works and what does not. To make balances. It is very important to take advantage of the christmas season for campaigns. Reinforce the product launches that were in the year. Unless what you’re offering new fits in perfectly with the festivities. Personal way of doing things through segmentation than nature.

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