A study carried out by the mexican internet association indicated. That in mexico there are 17 million people who buy online and it is expected that . There will be an increase of 47 percent in electronic commerce.Mexico. A study carried out by the Mexican internet association indicated that in Mexico there are 17 million people who buy online. And it is expected that there will be an increase of 47 percent in electronic commerce. In countries like the united states. 62 percent of people make an online purchase at least once a month.

The Figures Are Clear, the Great Penetration of Smartphones

The figures are clear, the great penetration of smartphones and the use. The internet are key factors that have made this new form of market growth. More related news:5 curious facts you should know about e-commerce day of the dead: incentive for e-commerce in Mexico – commerce for children. The new sales trend mobile applications Peru Email List have become essential to establish a relationship between consumers and brands companies. They decide to create their own apps to compete with Facebook and angry birds alike. In recent months the fight for the share of gigabyte has become more complicated.

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Consumers Have Become Accustomed to Receiving This Type

Consumers have become accustomed to receiving this type of program for free with regular updates. More app notes apps for health care3 apps that will help. You are more efficient10 apps for android that you have to install this environment. Game apps have gained important ground in consumer preferences. The current gamification process will increase the trend of brands involved. The creation of games in the coming years an example of this phenomenon. The number of mobile applications linked to licenses or children’s movies. Below is the list of the most downloaded apps in the games category. The descriptions are not valid the realization that at times seems cinematographic. The same reason it leaves us thinking about the human being and his reactions.

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