With 60 million users with the application installed and more. Than 30 million of them active per month according to data. Business insider snapchat is becoming one of the most used social networks . That will become a reference in the business world although at initially they did not have much hope mexico. With 60 million users with the application installed and more than 30 million . Of them active per month according to data from business insider. Snapchat is becoming one of the most used social networks that will become a reference. In the world of business although at first they did not have much hope. The traffic has doubled in reference to the last five months and according to. The expectations of the creators, it should continue to multiply.

Snapchat Fashion’s Favorite Social Network70% of

Snapchat fashion’s favorite social network70% of snapchat. Users are women4 things small businesses should do on social mediamany brands are already . Taking advantage of snapchat and just before the new year begins and in .The face of the same anniversary of the network on january 1, we. Leave you with some tips to make snapchat part of  Saudi Arabia Email Database your marketing strategy. Gather a good number of followers firstyou can start promoting your. Snapchat account via other social networks. There communicate to your customers the news. That there will be through that channel and let them get together. It is important to create a good client-brand.

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Communication and This Way Is Ideal to Ensure Their Loyalty

Communication and this way is ideal to ensure their loyalty . If you keep them entertained. Rebecca minkoff for example. Debuted snapchat by announcing on twitter. That she would reveal her ella spring collection looks before she hit the runway. According to the latest emarketer report, facebook managed to surpass . Microsoft and yahoo in terms of digital advertising sales this year. With an estimated revenue of three thousand 170 million dollars. Which represents 1.3% more with over the previous year. For its part. Google had a drop of 1% in the same period.

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