While social networks are constantly changing and releasing new updates and features. A few trends have emerged from the lot in recent months and seem to be firmly embedded in the fluctuating habits of social network users. Here are the vectors to exploit if you want to optimize the rest of your social media budget for 2017.

Whether on Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter or Instagram, all social platforms have the common goal of generating engagement. This issue is all the more relevant when it affects brands, which run accounts on social networks precisely to create commitment and thus form a community. live ”, in which users can react life, then you have the winning combo. Although Snapchat stories have been around since 2013, live streaming has become known to brands with its launch on Facebook in 2016, then on Instagram. YouTu

The (Trans)mutation of Platforms Define the Different Social

be also got into it by offering its own live TV streaming platform in early 2017. Livestreaming shaped our Facebook in 2016, from viral video to live chat, the trend is only growing in 2017: live Brazil Phone Number List streaming is no doubt a culture for businesses to embrace this year. Sharing photos on Instagram, or using Twitter as a micro-blogging platform. However, it has been common for a few months for platforms to borrow features from another.

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The Integration of Virtual Reality Facebook or Instagram

Similarly, Snapchat launched its Spectacles, sunglasses connected to their smartphone, and capable of recording photos and videos in one click. The French are more and more interested in the world of wine. 30% of them even say they are very . They are also aware that this area requires a minimum of knowledge to be able to appreciate the wine at its fair value.

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