Yep, you guessed it: Abandoned cart emails. Scan your inbox and I’m sure you’ll spot a subject line like “Ooops, you forgot this” or “You left your new sneakers behind” — these are no doubt emails sent to bring you back to your basket and complete a purchase. Here’s an example from Dyson: Scrrenshot of Dyson Greece Phone Number List This email includes a couple of product images, reminds you of the price, and includes Greece Phone Number List four Dyson selling points at the bottom of the message. Want to create abandoned cart emails of your own? Copy and paste the below text into your email editor to swipe this template: ABANDONED CART EMAIL TEMPLATE [Headline:

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Did you forget something?/You left something behind] [Product description and image] [Continue shopping CTA] [Reasons to buy from your company] Want more abandoned Greece Phone Number List cart email examples? Get The Email Campaigns Swipe File 4 WEBSITES TO FIND EMAIL CAMPAIGN TEMPLATES So we’ve shared six email campaigns every business should be sending, plus some neat templates. But what if Greece Phone Number List you want to find a design that’s a perfect fit for your brand? Below I’ve listed four great websites to help you find the perfect email campaign template for your business. 1. ENVATO Screenshot of Envato Envato features more than 230

Greece Phone Number List

email campaigns templates. Some come with PSDs so you can edit the designs in Photoshop, whereas others come with responsive HTML templates that you can Greece Phone Number List upload and edit within your email service provider. Visit Envato. 2. BEE Screenshot of BEE BEE stands for Best Email Editor… and I bet you can guess what its software does. BEE is a drag-and-drop email editor enabling you to create Greece Phone Number List custom email campaign designs in minutes. BEE features over 200 email templates you can use as starting points for a range of campaigns. Visit BEE. 3. STRIPO Screenshot of Stripo Stripo enables anyone to create responsive email

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