Digital marketing is key in the marketing and communication strategy of brands. Only for this 2017, it is expected that the investment in this area will reach 229 thousand 250 million dollars. According to marketer projections, digital marketing is key. That the investment in this area will reach 229 thousand 250 million dollars. According to marketer projections. Its relevance grows largely due to the diversity of opportunities it offers for brands to carry out actions and campaigns, taking advantage of the wide range of resources and tools available in the digital world. One of the resources that you cannot leave out of your strategy is social media, scenarios that can serve to deepen the bond with the audience, but it is also the main channel through which the public expresses its disapproval when something goes wrong.

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An example of the above is what was obtained. In a survey carried out by Pricewaterhouse Coopers (in 2014) in. Which are the interactions of consumers with brands on canadian email list for sale social networks.That they follow their favorite brands while 24 percent discovered new brands. And even 27 percent indicated research on a firm So that you have better opportunities to generate content that allows you to achieve the first -deepen the link-, we share 3 tips that will be of great help According to jay baer, ​​in an article for convince & convert, there are three types of quotes that can be very effective.

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Using more tools resources that facilitate work is essential in social media. So if you use tools that help generate more interaction. Dynamic and playful content. You will have greater opportunities to generate a match with your audience. Some that can help you are narrow. An app that converts text files into audio. So the user can enjoy what you want to communicate in a more relaxed way. Their search engines show text from well-known companies like Upwork buffer.

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