there are now chatbots specific to ecommerce? For example, you can now integrate Facebook Messenger with your Shopify store to create chat buttons right on your product pages.[*] Screenshot of Facebook Messenger integration with Shopify store Between this new feature and your sitewide UAE Phone Number List messenger button, you can now send anyone who uses your store’s chatbot things like: Quizzes Coupons Product suggestions UAE Phone Number List Cart abandonment recovery messages Loyalty Program applications Content from your blog Setting up Facebook Messenger bots is simple. Just use Chatfuel to set up your bot without any programming

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(it has a free trial and is super easy to set up). Once you choose a Facebook page to connect it to, set up your welcome message. This is the message they’ll get UAE Phone Number List when they message you with pre-defined words you set (like “hello” or “hey”) or when they click buttons on your site linked with this welcome message. In my welcome message, I like to let them know it’s a robot, but add some humor, like this: Screenshot of UAE Phone Number List welcome message for Facebook Messenger bot Find a way to fit the message within your branding. Don’t forget you can add buttons for them to click, such as calling a phone number, browsing your products or a

UAE Phone Number List

FAQ page, or getting additional messages from your bot (via “blocks”). Next, set up your AI with phrases that create automated responses. You can start by sending the welcome message to anyone who says “hi,” “hello,” or “hey.” But you can also get more advanced. Chatfuel recommends UAE Phone Number List giving users multiple choice options rather than open-ended questions for the most effective and accurate responses, like this: UAE Phone Number List GIF of Facebook Messenger bot offering multiple choice options Once you’ve set up your bot, put the Facebook Messenger button on your product pages and the messenger widget sitewide (or at least on your store pages).

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