Ne of the digital marketing trends that boomed this year is content marketing. And within this category there is a strategy that although it is already being used, will become highly relevant in 2014. Newsjacking , which it is the of taking advantage of news to launch a message so that the brand can appear in the conversation. More related articles:10 trends that will define marketing in 20148 hilarious brand memes . That will make you laugh 25 most influential marketing managers .The world however doing newsjacking implies important challenges such as getting . The right content at the right time so. That it can have the desired impact.Here are 3 newsjacking cases that.

Brands Developed Last Week: There Are Various Tools to

Brands developed last week: there are various tools to find information of interest on twitter. Of which we present three below. México, d.F.-. Recent estimates. The social network itself indicates that more than 500 million daily tweets are posted on Twitter. Making it one of the  Slovenia Email List most used social networks in the world. This number not only speaks of the importance that the microblogging social network has within .Online conversations, but also makes clear. The challenge of finding relevant content within said platform. Related articles: WhatsApp goes down worldwide 8 funny brand memes. That will make you laugh most influential marketers in the world.

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There Are Several Tools Through Which It Is Possible to

There are several tools through which it is possible to facilitate. The task of finding information of interest, of which we present three below . Twxplorerit is a useful free tool to find trends based on specific terms. With which it shows the last 500 mentions of each keyword. The results are shown in the form of tweets. Retweets, links, user social network was important means of communication. Dissemination of information and interaction among internet users both in mexico and . The rest of the world, but what were the most popular topics? Facebook has just published an annual report that shows . The topics that were trending within the social network during 2013.

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