rapport quickly, improve future open rates, identify Libya Email Lists your audience’s pain points, and, ultimately, generate more sales for your business. 1 Example #1: Send Your Most Popular Content [OkDork] 2 Example #2: Get Subscribers To Whitelist Your Email Address [Morning Brew] 3 Example #3: Find Out Libya Email Lists Your Audience’s Pain Points By Asking One Question [DeanYeong.com] 4 Libya Email Lists Example #4: Offer A Welcome Discount For The First Purchase [Iron Studios] 5 Example #5: Offer Your Most Popular Products [Perfect Keto] EXAMPLE #1: SEND YOUR MOST POPULAR CONTENT [OKDORK] Goal: Content consumption.

Workplace Email Marketing – Organic is Better

Best For: Content creators, influencers, Libya Email Lists personal brand builders (instead of a business brand). Ain’t nobody got time for a 3,000-word welcome email on why they should care about your emails. Here’s a rule of thumb: Never waste the reader’s time. If you can get your point across in two minutes, Libya Email Lists do it. In the example below, Noah Kagan sends a short, to-the-point welcome email when a Libya Email Lists visitor joins his email list. Screenshot of welcome email sent by Noah Kagan to his OkDork email list The welcome email serves two simple purposes: To showcase some of the best content Noah has. To get people to subscribe to the podcast.

Libya Email Lists

Instead of a dreadful business tone, Noah Libya Email Lists uses a casual, friendly approach for building rapport with the new subscriber. If you’re a content creator and want to build a closer, more personal relationship with your audience, a brief email like this will work well. Key Takeaway: Keep your Libya Email Lists welcome email short and sweet so it appears casual and friendly. If you’re a content creator, Libya Email Lists use it to share a few popular content pieces you’ve created to build rapport and set expectations. EXAMPLE #2: GET SUBSCRIBERS TO WHITELIST YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS [MORNING BREW] Goal: Email engagement. Best For:

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