on each of the points, providing more Croatia Email List information and methods to take action on the points. For the Expanded List Post, use the same method of finding topics for your basic list post, but expand on each of the points with more information. Recall my example topics in the travel niche based on Croatia Email List the list post research: How (ie X Ways to Prepare For Your Solo Trip) Who (ie X Best Travel Credit Croatia Email List Card Bonuses in 2017) When (ie X Months for the Best Travel Deals) Where (ie X Little-Known Travel Deal Websites Croatia Email List That’ll Save You A Ton of Money) Why (ie X Reasons To Start Travel Hacking in 2017) For the “When”, you might list out 5 of the

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cheapest months to travel, and under each point, include: Croatia Email List An example of one of the best travel deals in that month. Some of the best locations to visit during those months. Data and stats on travel volume during that month. Where to go to find the best deals for that month. Expanded list posts tend to work in Croatia Email List niches where traditional list posts don’t. 8. Controversial post Controversy sells. There’s no Croatia Email List surprise there. So it’s also not surprising that this one made it into the top 10 traffic-driving blog post ideas. But how do Croatia Email List you come up with an idea of something controversial to write? We’ll take it to Reddit again for this one.

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Visit a subreddit related to your niche. (Example: Parenting). Croatia Email List Many subreddits have a default “Controversial” tab, which displays the threads that are both upvoted and downvoted a lot. Filter for that tab: “Controversial” tab for subreddits in Reddit Not every thread will truly be controversial without reading them, Croatia Email List but many of the title’s of the threads give themselves away. In the Parenting topic, some Croatia Email List topics include: Daycare is too expensive! Having kids are overwhelming “Spoiling” your baby with holding them too much (believe it or Croatia Email List not, this is a controversial topic).

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