When you first visit the Whiskey Loot site, you’re Lithuania Phone Number List presented with a banner featuring two whiskey emojis: Screenshot of Whiskey Loot using emojis in their banner Then, if a shopper doesn’t complete checkout, the cart abandonment email stays completely on brand Lithuania Phone Number List .[*] Screenshot of Whiskey Loot It’s fun and playful, suggesting the shopper could “Put together an army of miniature bottles, and fight!” It features emojis as bullet points. The CTA button copy says “Treat Yourself” Lithuania Phone Number List rather than something more formal like “Complete Checkout.” The subject line is “Your cart is sobering up” — something a little less serious than usual abandoned cart

How to Gain Prospect Lists Through Email Campaigns

subject lines like “You forgot to check out.” When writing your email, think about how you reiterate what your brand stands for in the copy. Focus your copy around: What Lithuania Phone Number List makes your brand unique. The benefits of your product (or service). Why the shopper should buy from you (not a competitor). 3. Lithuania Phone Number List INCLUDE BEAUTIFUL PRODUCT PHOTOS They say a picture is worth a thousand words. But in the ecommerce industry, you could argue that a high-quality picture is worth thousands Lithuania Phone Number List of dollars in revenue. The average adult makes thousands of small decisions every day, so deciding to hit the “Pay Now” button or to abandon the cart on

Lithuania Phone Number List

your site is just one of thousands of things every customer has on their mind on any given day. For your cart abandonment email, you might want to remind them exactly Lithuania Phone Number List what product they were so close to buying and just why they wanted it bad enough to add it to their basket. Product photos are a great way to do this. In its abandonment email, Dyson prominently features the image of the Lithuania Phone Number List recipient’s unbought product:[*] Screenshot of Dyson British fashion retailer Jack Wills takes this one Lithuania Phone Number List step further by showcasing multiple images for each product left in the shopper’s basket:[*] Screenshot of Jack Will Save some prime real estate in your email

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