They encourage teamwork and ensure that team members can access everything. They need to succeed. Building trust“to be successful in working with other people.You have to trust yourself. A big part of that is trusting people to do their jobs wherever they are, unsupervised. 13 Best Practices for Working From Home But in this situation, I’m not talking about the “Call me anytime, day or night” type of communication.

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They don’t have the chance to accidentally take the elevator with a manager giving them impromptu praise.Telecommuting is on the rise. According to fundera . The last 5 years have seen a 40% increase in the number of employers offering a work from home option. Why does this happen? Well, on the one handemployers who offer employees .The option Estonia Phone Number to work from home are seeing a 50% drop in employee turnover and collectively saving $44 billion every year .And employees too, are experiencing a financial benefit from working from home. Full-time telecommuters save over $4,000 each year. And the benefits don’t stop there. Done right, cutting out the daily commute can add hours to your day and make it easier to balance priorities.

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And if you’re like 86% of employees  you’ll find that working alone, away from the distractions of the office, makes you more productive.But working from home also has its pitfalls. You might feel isolated and find it difficult to maintain boundaries between work and home, to name a few. I’ve been working from home since 2012 when I first started my small business .Here are my 13 best practices for doing just that.LOCATION, Create a dedicated spaceStart off on the right foot by creating a dedicated and welcoming workspace. Next, invest in the equipment you will need.

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