Result in Timeframe Post. Demonstrate how you Chad Email List got a specific result in a short timeframe (ie How We Build a Product in Only 2 Weeks). Influencer posts Interview. Interview an influencer about something related to your niche (ie Tony Robbins on How He Grew His Traffic to 1 Million Chad Email List Visits/Month). Success Post. Dissect the success of somebody famous and share what you find (ie How Jared Chad Email List Really Lost Weight Eating Subway). Celebrity Revealed Post. Reveal something about somebody famous (ie How Jennifer Lawrence Styles Her Hair). Objections Preemptive Post.

How to come up with things to blog about—and build your content calendar

Preempt a common objection in your niche (ie You Don’t Chad Email List Have to Give Up Chocolate to Lose Weight). Preparatory Post. Prepare your audience with something they should know before reaching a goal (ie What You Should Know Before You Launch Your First Product). Underground knowledge post “Little Chad Email List Known” Post. Give your readers little known information (ie 13 Little Known Ways to Get Chad Email List Longer Eyelashes). Breaking News Post. Cover some breaking news in your niche to ride the viral wave (ie Chris Pratt and Anna Faris Chad Email List Just Broke Up and the Internet is Crying). DOWNLOAD THE BLOG POST IDEAS CHEAT SHEET 10 top trafficked

Chad Email List

blog ideas (after analyzing 175 million visits) The top Chad Email List 200+ blog posts on Sumo’s content-creating customer’s sites revealed that these are the top 10 pieces of content you need to create. They were responsible for 147,000,000 hits (83% of the top 175 Million hits were on these 10 types of content). Pie Chad Email List chart of top 10 most popular content types I’ve even included quick-start guide on how to generate Chad Email List foolproof blog post ideas based on each category. Ready? How to come up with things to blog about—and build Chad Email List your content calendar 1. How-to post The “How To” post outperformed all other article types by a longshot, responsible for nearly 23%

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