When we talk about productivity, many hacks can seem a bit idealistic. There’s so much planning and headphone wearing you can do before you always feel like it’s hard to disconnect from the outside world and connect to your work. And yet, productivity is essential if we want to do anything.Here are 10 unique productivity tips you might not be using (yet). Sleep sleep told a shocking story of her revelation about the importance of sleep in her TED Talk: How to Succeed? Get more sleep . In it, she recounts how she passed out from exhaustion at her desk, breaking her cheekbone and requiring five stitches in her eye.

By Getting More and Better With Our Eyes Close

By getting more and better with our eyes closed, we will position our brain to be more alert at work and make smarter decisions.#2. Automate what you canMany tasks that we take on in our daily lives can actually be done by robots. As scary as that sounds, it’s true. Yet many people continue to work harder than necessary, focusing on tasks that waste time rather than gain it, simply because they don’t know how to entrust those tasks to a machine.Enter: stands for .There are thousands of formulas you can configure. For example, you can turn on the lights as soon as it gets dark.

Or, You Can Receive an Email Whenever a Hashtag Is

Or, you can receive an email whenever a hashtag is used on Twitter so you don’t have to search for it later.The more you can automate, the more time you’ll have to do things that improve productivity.#3. Giving more to technologyAs Apple’s famous phrase goes, “there’s an app for that.”Technology can often be a distraction, but when used correctly, it can also be a tremendous productivity booster. There are plenty of apps to take the tedious tasks off our plates and hand them over to a robot to control. For example, apps to manage your schedule can save you hours of manual labor trying to match shifts and time off requests.

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