A brand is a product with a compelling story. Offering quintessential qualities for which the customer believes. There is absolutely no substitute brands are totems. They tell us stories about our place in the culture. About who we are and where we have been. They also help us figure out where we’re going. Seth godin an american businessman and author of several books on marketing. An expert in the internet industry defines the brand as “A euphemism. A shortcut for a lot of expectations, visual connections worldwide. Experiences and promises that a product or service does”.

What Is Marketing? 5definitions Advertising Definition

Marketing definition . By firefly vpaccording to the economic times sales promotions are the set of marketing activities aimed a. T boosting sales of a product or service. In general. They increase sales levels during the time they are active and although once the Iceland Email List promotion ends sales fall. In the stable ground they remain higher than in the period before the promotion. Philip kotler and gerald zaltman, forerunners of social marketing. Define promotion as part of this discipline, which seeks to benefit .The target audience and society in general not precisely the seller. The promotion is part of different elements.

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That make up the “Marketing mix” that involve

The product the price. The distribution and finally the promotion. Promotion consists of the integrated use of advertising.Public relations, personalized sales, and entertainment vehicles. Following the same line kotler and zaltman understand that. Due to its great exposure, only promotion can often be confused with the entire machinery of social marketing. But it is only one piece of it. For a successful promotion we must focus on creating elements that increase product demand. Such as coupons, media event such as coupons, media events, short-term promotions, always analyzing what is most successful among our target audience.

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