corner) Screenshot showing Gmail setting Head to Micronesia Email List the Signature section and add the copy you’d like to include. You can also add images and change the formatting of your signature here, too. Screenshot showing Gmail signature settings Once you’ve updated your email signature, Micronesia Email List send the below text to everyone on your team to help them update their signatures too: Subject: Updating email signatures Body: Hey [Name], We’re focusing on growing our email list right now. Would love it if you could update your email signature to include a link to our signup form. If you’re up for it (it’ll only take a minute), the copy and link are below.

Creating an Email Marketing Campaign From Scratch

[Add your copy here]. Thanks so much! Cheers, Ash Pro tip: Use a tool like to measure the number of clicks the link in your signature gets. You could even A/B test different Micronesia Email List copy to see which variation generates the most clicks. DAY 6: ADD NEW EMAIL OPT INS Once you’ve got your sitewide content upgrade ready, it’s time to think about how you can promote it. Most people will ignore subscribe boxes Micronesia Email List in your sidebar or under your article. Luckily, Sumo can help out here. With Sumo, the average email opt-in rate is 1.95%, so that means on average about two in every hundred visits will join your list. As Sarah explains in our email


signups benchmarks post, we have seen sites convert at a rate of 20%+, and other sites that don’t seem to convert at all (maybe those sites could improve their copywriting). To kickstart Micronesia Email List your list growth, follow these three steps: STEP 1: CREATE SOME CLICK TRIGGERS AND WELCOME MATS The best place to ask for email addresses is right where your readers are paying attention… in your content. With Click Micronesia Email List Triggers, you can make any text, image, or button a link to get people to subscribe to your email list. Sounds good, right? We’ve even seen conversion rates of up to 50% using this tool. Screenshot of subscribing stats for Sumo

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