Putting time, money and effort into employee development is the most meaningful and rewarding thing a manager can do. However, for some unknown reason, this is usually the last thing a manager worries about. Not only does employee development make them smarter and more efficient, and help them perform better, but it also helps recruit and retain the best employees. Otherwise, you will become a concealer, instead of a true mentor. To model appropriate behavior, start with a role model. Always treat your employees with respect It’s important for employees to know that when discussing their development, you’re not just trying to get them to admit their weaknesses. To get them to take ownership of the process, start by building trust. Let them know that you are interested in their success.

Turn Weekly Meetings Into Learning Opportunities

All of your daily interactions, including journals, weekly meetings, etc. are team development opportunities. Think about how to incorporate a growth mindset into your regular meetings. Instead of dictating the process, engage your employees by asking them appropriate Italy Phone Number questions that will force them to figure things out on their own. They can also come back with these requests after completing a mission. This can significantly help memorize the new skill or knowledge.Learn to delegateMany managers spend time on work they shouldn’t be doing.

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It’s Not Fair: Leave Design for the Digital Department,

It’s not fair: leave design for the digial department, ads for marketing, and online writing help for copywriters. By giving up the tasks you love, you will increase the skills of your employees and save more time. However, you shouldn’t expect your reports to do things the same way you would. For the first time, they may fail and require special instructions, but that’s how people learn. As a result, they can do the job even better than you. Every manager is able to find opportunities for employees that are balanced with their development needs and career goals. Instead of choosing the most qualified person for a particular task, select the appropriate development task for the person.

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