Espresso Machine Experts Subject line: 48 hours: Sweden Email List Independence Day Deals on Machines Preview text: – Segment: 120-day active subscribers Sent: 2,939 Opens: 726 (24.7%) Clicks: 105 (3.6%) Orders: 4 (0.1%) Revenue: $6,242.96 NEW PRODUCT EMAIL With this email, you: Show a hero Sweden Email List image of your new product. Tell people the product name and include a short description. Give one call to Sweden Email List action to go shop for it. Here’s an example: Screenshot of new product email by Suavs Subject line: Dreams do Sweden Email List come blue Preview text: You voted, we listened. Introducing: The Navy Zilkers Segment: 120-day active subscribers Sent:

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19,757 Opens: 4,007 (20.3%) Clicks: 476 (2.4%) Sweden Email List Orders: 44 (0.2%) Revenue: $4,516.25 If you use any one of these six email types… You’re almost guaranteed to make sales. Now let’s go over how to optimize every element in your emails. STEP #3: OPTIMIZE YOUR EMAIL FOR CLICKTHROUGH Sweden Email List RATE Here’s every optimization we make to FAM customers’ emails: Screenshot of optimization Sweden Email List made to FAM customers Start of email Avoid spammy subject lines with words like “free” and “$$$.” We use the Send Sweden Email List Check It Subject Line Tester to test for spammy words.[*] Use preview text with a teaser of what’s inside the email.

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Avoid too much text (give a teaser to click back Sweden Email List to your site; don’t write an essay). Hero image One image. Shrink all images to less than 250kb. Use Squoosh to do this quickly.[*] Use alt text on images. One call to action Easy to tap on mobile (i.e., text blocks stacked below each other). Stands out Sweden Email List with a contrasting color. Matches the same call to action format you use on your site. Email testing Sweden Email List See how a test email looks on mobile vs. desktop. Make the call to action easy to click. Verify images load quickly. Check all Sweden Email List your links and make sure your images are linked. Spam test all your emails. We use Litmus to spam test.[*]

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