Not sure what to say? Check out our guide to creating a kick-ass about us page. SHIPPING POLICY PAGE Help your visitors understand how long shipping will take, if your Jordan WhatsApp Number List store sells internationally, who will deliver their package, and how to track their purchase — and you’ll get fewer customer service questions (be sure you make this page easy to find). This page is especially helpful if you’re Jordan WhatsApp Number List dropshipping from overseas and have long shipping times (like 10+ days). Click Add Jordan WhatsApp Number List page like before, then create a shipping policy. Here is a sample shipping policy you can use.[*] Screenshot showing example of shipping policies ADDING

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YOUR PAGES TO YOUR MENU NAVIGATION You’ve created all your important pages, now show them in your site’s navigation by clicking Online Store > Navigation. ScreenshotJordan WhatsApp Number List showing Shopify navigation settings Click Main menu to edit your main navigation menu that goes on the top of your site. To add a page, click Add menu item, then Pages > Contact Us (or whichever page you’re adding). Repeat Jordan WhatsApp Number List if you want your About page and your Shipping Policy page in the main navigation. Jordan WhatsApp Number List When you’re done, it should look something like this: Screenshot showing Shopify navigation settings Return to your navigation settings and

Jordan WhatsApp Number List

click Footer menu. Add the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Refund Policy, and Shipping Policy that you made in step five (if you didn’t already add them to your Jordan WhatsApp Number List main menu). Preview your site with the eyeball button; you should see the navigation links you added. Screenshot showing Shopify preview Jordan WhatsApp Number List store Click each one to make sure it’s going to Jordan WhatsApp Number List the right place, then go back to your dashboard to add your first product. 7. ADD PRODUCTS TO YOUR STORE Now it’s time for the fun part — adding products! To add a product to your store, click Products, then Add product. Screenshot showing Shopify adding products TITLE &

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